The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Mobile device manufacturers continue to find new ways to improve their offerings. As a result, a Denver web designer must discover ways to ensure websites will properly appear on these devices, and this is where responsive web design comes into play. When this design process is used during the creation of a site, the site will automatically reformat for the device it is being viewed on to ensure the best visitor experience. However, this is only one of the many benefits of responsive web design. Why is this the case and what benefits should business owners be aware of?

A Boost in Mobile Usage

People now turn to their mobile device as opposed to a laptop or desktop when they want to carry out basic tasks. The mobile devices are used to obtain information, read reviews, conduct banking, and a great deal more. In fact, mobile usage has now taken over desktop usage and more individuals are turning to the internet as they increase their technology awareness. This is true of all age groups, including those who are 65 years of age or older. As a result, any business that doesn’t have a responsive website will find they are losing business. People don’t want the hassle of dealing with a website that doesn’t function properly on their mobile device, and they can easily go elsewhere. Every business owner needs to recognize this basic fact and make responsive web design a priority.

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Search Engines

Search engine algorithms now take into account responsive web design when ranking sites. As the majority of individuals never move beyond the first three search engine results, a high rank is critical. Furthermore, Google looks at a mobile site first as opposed to a desktop site when ranking for the search engine results. This simply goes to show that no business can afford to have a site that doesn’t function properly on all mobile devices. Those that lack this basic necessity will find it harms their business in numerous ways.

When a website is mobile responsive, it looks and acts the same regardless of which device it is being viewed on. The consistency leaves the viewer with a positive impression of the business and the brand. Furthermore, conversions improve when this is the case, and business owners find it is easier to maintain their site, as the desktop and mobile sites can be modified simultaneously.

Call on a Denver web marketing team for help with a mobile responsive website and other digital marketing tasks. The internet is here to stay, and every business owner needs to account for that. A failure to do so spells disaster for the organization.

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